Team Putt

Born in New York City, Aidan Friedson, a 15 year old and two-time Chopped Jr. Champion, always dreamed of opening his own food truck with the prize money he had earned. Though after researching the food truck game, Aidan realized that he wasn't financially ready to embark on that journey just yet. Instead, he decided to experiment with the stock market and, at the same time, concentrate his efforts on selling the kinds of sneakers and streetwear apparel he has always loved: Supreme, Yeezy, Kith, and Anti Social Social Club. In order to sell these items more effectively, Aidan and his friends started a small pop-up shop in Soho, Supreme Castle. He also attended various events throughout the resell community. He spent numerous days at Sneaker Con and Sneaker Games selling his inventory.

While balancing the first few years of high school with these activities, Aidan gained valuable experience in marketing and business. Because of his work in the reselling field, Aidan is ready now and inspired to conquer another dream of his: to create his own brand, ( Daffodils in Paradise ). DIP is a streetwear, lifestyle brand, and his aim is to create an inclusive and fashion forward environment. When you buy from DIP, you become part of ( Team Putt ) , a unique group that strives to unify us all and spread the love.
Aidan FriedsonCEO + Founder
Born in New York City in 2002, into an international family, Luca Daly has been exposed to art and design since early childhood. His first passion was and remains architecture, specifically urban architecture and design. Since Luca has been splitting his time between Paris and New York where he is a sophomore at Dwight School he has a eye for both the classical and French architecture, as well as the evolution of modern design. His favorite museum is Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine (Architecture and Heritage Museum at Trocadéro) in Paris. Luca has been intrigued by how classical and modern forms find their way into fashion.

In 2017, Luca took his passions and curiosity to help start ( Daffodils in Paradise ) as the brand’s head designer. The contrast between architecture and global streetwear is the main source of his inspiration. What makes his approach to design different? It’s Luca’s keen eye for balance and structure, as well as his sense of fun and visual lightness.
Luca DalyHead Designer
Dakota Peterson was raised in Nyack, NY but now resides in New York City. She has studied art at the Art Student’s League, The Cooper Union and the New York Academy of Art.

Dakota currently attends Vassar College as an American Studies major with concentrations in Studio Art and English. At Vassar, she has taken printmaking and additional drawing and sculptures classes, and has organized several student art shows and collaborations. She is a self taught silk screener and has designed, printed and sold t-shirts and tote bags since high school.

In late 2016, Dakota started to design at Daffodils in Paradise, creating the company’s logo. During the design process, she wanted the logo to be something that was simple, balanced and fun. She chose to mirror and invert the D as the P, so that DIP can still be read if turned upside down.
Dakota PetersonDesinger (Logo Creator) 2
Amir Mustefa is a 17 year old tech entrepreneur with over 2 years of professional experience in the space of both innovative technology and corporate finance. He learned to code from his own initiative at the age of 15 and has continued to perfect his craft obtaining a firm understanding of several computer programming languages, database construction, cloudbased software and UI/UX design. Along with his own tech ventures which he continues to work on, Amir is a dedicated investor using the knowledge he gained during his summer tenure at Goldman Sachs to actively trade in a number of asset classes including US equities, derrivatives, cryptocurrencies and more.

Amir is currently involved in a number of projects. He is the co-founder and active CEO of SHOWBOAT SPORTS INC., a sports entertainment startup intent on changing the way in which sports fans engange and interact with the sports they love. He has also served as chief investor for IWM Holdings, a private investment group based in NYC of which he also founded. Outside of these ventures, Amir is a technology enthusiast who loves nothing more than to create powerful, intuitive and useful applications that can be shared with the world.
Amir MustefaCTO